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Getty Equine Nutrition, LLC, is pleased to offer Dr. Getty's recorded seminars and webinars on important equine nutrition topics that concern you. Once purchased, recordings are always available (no expiration date).


"There was no trouble accessing both teleseminars. I am listening to the "Allergies" one, which is very interesting. Thanks to Dr. Getty who speaks slow enough for a non-English native listener to understand!" - Pierre-yves from France

"I really appreciated the seminar last night. Dr. Getty gave so much information, even more than I expected, and made it so affordable to participate. She is helping people and their horses in a most important way!" - Joyce, from Utah

About Dr. Juliet M. Getty

Juliet M. Getty, Ph.D. is an independent equine nutritionist with a wide U.S. and international following. Her research-based approach optimizes equine health by aligning physiology and instincts with correct feeding and nutrition practices. Dr. Getty’s goal is to empower the horseperson with the knowledge to provide the best nutrition for his or her horse’s needs.

Dr. Getty is the author of the comprehensive resource, Feed Your Horse Like a Horse, as well as seven topic-centered Spotlight on Equine Nutrition series of booklets. She also offers an informative e-newsletter, Forage for Thought. Her website, provides a world of useful information for the horseperson, including a library of her past articles, tips, recordings, and a supplement store to help horse owners choose the right supplement for their horse’s specific needs.

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