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The Gastro-Intestinal Tract is the epicenter of your horse's health. Proper digestion is absolutely critical to providing your horse with the nutrients needed to repair tissues and maintain health. 

What makes the horse so unusual is the way the digestive system is divided into a foregut and hindgut. The foregut (stomach and small intestine) is where sugars, starches, proteins and fats are broken down (digested) into smaller components to be absorbed into the bloodstream. The hind gut (cecum, large colon, and small colon) provides billions of microbes to aid in fiber digestion and keep the immune system working properly. 

Disruption of digestion anywhere along the tract can impact your horse's health in a variety of ways. Ulcers and colic are the most common disorders, and can easily be avoided when the horse is fed in sync with the way he is designed. And that is where the focal point lies - respecting and honoring the way our horses are meant to be fed -- allowing them to be a horse. 

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