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The aging horse has so much to offer: wisdom, experience, and confidence, to name but a few attributes. Helping him grow old in good health and with dignity is a gift every horse owner hopes to be able to bestow. 

How old is old? By today's standards, a lot older than it used to be. It used to be that horses in their early teens were considered old, especially is they were working very hard. Today, a horse in his late teens, and even well into his 20s, can fool people and not look anywhere close to their age, while living very useful lives. And it's not all that uncommon to see horses live well into their 30s. 

Horses have health issues as they age. The resources below offer in depth discussions on how to keep your aging horse at his best.  

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Dr. Getty provides insights on relevant nutrition research and how it impacts your horses' health.

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  • Dr. Getty's comprehensive reference offering you information on a vast variety of topics. See the section on "Growing Old," starting on page 359.  

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