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Optimizing Your Horse's Nutrition

For a Lifetime of Vibrant Health

Client Testimonials

"I have purchased many equine nutrition books and subscribe to EQUUS and Horse Journal, and I would say Dr. Getty's book is hands-down the most detailed, comprehensive, factual, and authoritative source of equine nutrition."

"God bless you for helping owners understand that their horses' bad behavior is very probably not their choosing, but do the fact that they are not being fed like a horse. My horse was hated for being dangerous and unpredictable. Two years later, he is a new horse. He could not be more of a sweet, willing, loving. sociable, darling horse. It makes my heart sing to see how happy he is not, largely thanks to you. Thank you from all of us that love our horses but perhaps don't know exactly what that always means. I am your most loyal student."

Approximately 3 months ago I was told that I would need to put my 17 yr old gelding down due to severe laminitis.  I was told there was no hope.  Not accepting this I started searching for answers. One morning at 1 a.m., I found a link to Dr. Juliet Getty and emailed her. Dr. Getty's e-mail response was "where there is life there is hope".  After a consultation with Dr. Getty and getting sound instruction for my horse's nutritional needs I'm pleased to say he is now leading a normal life. He has gone from not being able to walk or lay down without pain to a level of recovery that I am well pleased with.

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Cristine Washington
Janet Oklahoma