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Dietary Tips on Optimal Hoof Health - Recorded Webinar


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Join Dr. Getty for a one hour, 50 minute educational webinar focusing on dietary tips for optimal hoof health. Sponsored by the American Hoof Association (AHA). Purchase includes webinar recording (MP4 file) and PowerPoint presentation. Recorded 9/24/17.

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Practical Dietary Tips for Promoting Optimal Hoof Care

In this American Hoof Association Sponsored Webinar, You'll Learn How:

  • Feeding in sync with the horse's innate physiological needs is the only true way to feed
  • Leaky Gut Syndrome impacts health
  • To help your horse lose weight and avoid laminitis
  • Interpret your hay analysis report
  • The insulin resistant horse can graze on pasture
  • Quality protein influences hoof health
  • Key nutrients can benefit hooves
  • The Paddock Paradise system can improve your horse's health

Seminar Length

One Hour, 50 Minutes

Seminar Format

Dr. Getty spends one hour, 50 minutes covering all of the above webinar topics. Moderated by AHA Education Chair Ruthie Thompson-Klein. Recording is provided in MP4 format with PowerPoint presentation included. Recorded 9/24/17.

How to Access Your Download

After purchasing the teleseminar, you will receive an email (during business hours) confirming your purchase and providing you with the website link and conference code to listen or download the mp3 file recording.

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