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Ingredient Lists, Feed Tags & Hay Analysis - Recorded Seminar


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When it comes to feeding your horse, there's so much information available and it can be difficult and often confusing to put is all together. The feed tag give you percentages and ppm; the ingredient list offers more specifics into what's in the bag, but not all feed companies divulge the exact ingredients. And you got your hay analyzed -- excellent! Now what? Dr. Getty explains it all in this 1 1/2 hour seminar. Recorded 1/12/12.

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Making Sense of It All

The teleseminar emphasizes:

  • Interpreting percent crude protein, crude fat, crude fiber, etc.
  • Interpreting ppm, mg, and IU of various vitamins and minerals
  • When the feed company is giving you the exact ingredients and when they are choosing to keep the information "proprietary"
  • What by-products are and their appropriateness for all horses
  • What nutrients are provided by each feed ingredient
  • What "red flags" you should be aware of
  • What's on the front of the bag doesn't always match what's in the list of ingredients -- the effect of advertising
  • Recommended feeding amounts vs what you're actually feeding
  • Shelf life
  • Feeds for seniors, performance, growth, maintenance -- their differences and similarities
  • Low starch feeds are not all low enough in starch
  • Chopped forages
  • Hay replacers
  • Hay analysis reports -- calories, digestibility, protein, fat, fiber, sugar, starch, fructans, mineral balances

Seminar Length

90 Minutes

Seminar Format

Dr. Getty spends 90 minutes covering all of the above teleseminar topics, while answering the pre-submitted questions. As she goes through each question, additional information is interspersed so every listener benefits from the answer. At the end of the hour, the floor was opened up for any additional questions. Recorded 1/12/12.

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