About Dr. Getty's Approach

Juliet M. Getty, Ph.D. is a former university professor and an internationally respected equine nutritionist. As an author, consultant, and speaker, she helps horse owners, just like you, to keep their horses healthy and helps ailing horses regain a fruitful, quality life.

The reason you're visiting Dr. Getty's website is because you're searching for information about taking care of your horses' nutritional needs. There's a saying:

"Ask 50 people the same question about feeding, and you'll get 50 different answers."

Getting accurate, reliable answers to your questions can be a frustrating experience. That's why checking the credentials of the person with whom you're consulting is the best way to assure a good result. View Dr. Getty's credentials.

Every horse owner should have the support of at least three team members:

  1. Your veterinarian
  2. A competent barefoot trimmer
  3. An equine nutritionist

Your veterinarian is the best source for medical treatment and information. The barefoot trimmer is an obvious necessity -- we all know the truth behind, no hoof, no horse! An equine nutritionist has years of graduate study and work in nutrition, and is a valuable partner in keeping your horse at his healthiest, along with complementing medical treatment for the best overall results.

Approaching Your Horse's Care from a Holistic Perspective

Over the past 25 years, Dr. Juliet Getty has worked with thousands of horse owners to address their concerns. Each horse is an individual and Dr. Getty takes great care to approach the horse's care from a holistic perspective -- evaluating the big picture: history, medical treatments, feeding, exercise, environment, as well as his mental state, taking all aspects of the horse's life into consideration.

Over the years, she has encountered concerns ranging from how to begin with a new horse, to promoting a healthful pregnancy, to helping a foal grow properly, as well as allowing your older horse to grow old gracefully. Feeding the insulin resistant horse, slowing down the progression of equine Cushing's disease, preventing and treating ulcers, helping your horse avoid colic, maintaining a normal weight, and bringing him back to a pain-free, quality life after experiencing laminitis (founder) -- these are all situations that Dr. Getty has handled with excellent results.

Dr. Getty shares her knowledge and experience in various ways: