These are unsolicited comments regarding Feed Your Horse Like A Horse and experiences with Dr. Getty's feeding recommendations:

Every Person Should Have this Book!

An ABSOLUTE wealth of knowledge to keep your horse happy and healthy. This covers feeding basics, feeding for various conditions, and other considerations. I've owned and ridden horses over 20 years (trained professionally, worked at a vet clinic, and helped manage a busy training and show barn) and there were many things this book taught me. Most importantly it helped me make informed decisions for my two horses care. One is harder to keep weight and the other gets fat on air. This book and Dr Getty's other resources located on her website helped me get a good feeding program together and also made me more confident in the decisions I've made regarding hay, and other feed choices.

              B&K, Amazon review

All You Need to Know

This is a very thorough book about horse nutrition, and written in such a way that it is understandable for the layman/woman. I have read it once but have referred to it several times to address some issues with my horses. Dr. Getty has done some remarkable research in her career and sharing it through her book is a great gift to all of those who face various health challenges with their horses.

                     MJ, Amazon Review

I CANNOT RECOMMEND ENOUGH this book and the knowledge it contains.

The new website is gorgeous and so well designed. Unequaled anywhere!!! It shows your deep love of your craft and also shows off your long studied expertise and results. Wanted you to know just how many lives, both human and horse you have helped and saved is beyond words. I have been the recipient of your good counsel, so many times. Bravo!!

A. Kendall

"The behavior section alone made the book worth it to me. My spooky horse is better now because I'm learning about diet and the importance and effects of deficiencies. The balance of the book is equally detailed. I love this book. It IS helping me take better care of my horse and I recommend it to anyone. It's expensive, but also one of those situations where YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR."

DeLux, Amazon review

"Every horse owner should have this book - including the ones who think they already know everything."

S.L. Patterson

"One of the best horse feeding books on the market. Worth every penny."

B. Lloyd

"It has a ton of information, (sometimes hard to remember it all). I have 2 Insulin resistant horses, and I bought peanuts, chia seeds, vitamin C. I feed this with the regular feed, all very low in sugars and starch. Have seen a good improvement in both horses."

R. Steiner

"Very good information to help your horse get through difficult times and a very good preventive feeding program. I recommend it to all horse owners."

J. Kress

"I used to be told to reduce my IR horse's feed to such an extent I felt I was almost starving him until I found your articles and turned it all around. Yes he overate at first and he is not exactly what I would call thin but his weight is steady and not so much that it concerns me (he is 22 and retired due to injury). He is almost on pasture all year round now, I monitor his feet closely but they just keep getting better and better. I think horse people generally underestimate the detrimental effect stress can have on horses. He is a happy horse and I would much prefer him to live out his retirement with freedom of movement and no stress than locked in a dry lot. Thanks so much for your wonderful books and articles. I promote them to my clients who have for the most part been given the same conflicting advice in the past."

Samantha M., Australian Certified Equine Hoofcare Practitioners (ACEHP)

"Since giving my herd of five free choice hay, the 21 year old mare's girth is down two inches this evening. I couldn't get near the "laminitic" Mustang pony; she was too busy doing (spectacular!) airs above the ground, romping with the TB/QH gelding (who is twice her size and half her age.) She also gave a beautiful slide stop this evening before peeling off the other direction. I think they are feeling better, and again it is thanks to you taking the time to share your knowledge. Thank you so much!"

Chris M.

"I bought this book, as it is on the reading list for the recent Equine Nutrition on-line course that so many thousands of us completed. It certainly helped with the course. Giving me more information on different topics in a way that is easy to read and understand. Enough detail, but not too complicated. Everyone interested in horses should read this."

Alison, Amazon review

"This is a must have. I love this author and her ideals for horses, I completely agree. I find this book very helpful. especially all of these myths and practices we do with horses, this is a great way to treat/feed our horses way better. Very good book. Excellent for metabolic conditions and great explanation of omega 3 products. Everything you need is seriously in here from basics, what grain/forage contains what, how much to feed, how to feed, metabolic conditions, optimizing your horses health/longevity."

Julie, Amazon review

"Save your horse by reading this book! Very good information to help your horse get through difficult times and a very good preventive feeding program. I recommend it to all horse owners."

Jennifer, Amazon review

"Yesterday I put out two round bales at opposite ends of the pasture. The "Normals" and the fat horses all ate for a solid hour, then in the first time since we began this bizarre journey, everyone but the guard duty horse laid down in the hay and slept soundly. Then they wandered off on their normal path, returning to nibble and take more naps. Everyone told me they would stand there and gorge and gorge until they foundered again. My weight tape this morning says each girl's girth is down by an inch. They certainly seem much happier, and so do the other three horses!

"I really cannot fully express my gratitude to you for your work!"

Chris, Arkansas

"I just love this book! The opening chapter explains the equine digestive system and although that seems to be pretty good place to start, I haven't found too many instructional reading that starts here.

"Dr Getty explains the essence of good diet beautifully and although I was a little hesitant in outlaying the initial investment, I am so very glad that I did. Equine Nutrition is often very opinion based and can drive you mad with all of the advice that is passed around amongst horse owners, especially when your knowledge and experience is considered limited.

"Thank God I can now digest (pardon the pun) good down to earth information from an informed source, so I can then formulate my own interpretations. I am also doing an online nutrition course which is helping me understand my horses' requirements for good health so much better. If you desire an excellent book that can help you look after the diet of your horse, then this book is it! Thank GOD!"

Virginia, Australia

"This book is just brilliant! It's a pleasure to read, easy to understand, and still has all the good information! -- Very important to me since I am not a native English speaker! Thank you very much for this excellent book! Cheers from Austria, and kudos to you!"


"Thanks to what I learned from you, my horse & donkey are on free choice hay since early august and I have seen the change! At first they where eating all they could, now, there are days they will eat 3 bales (small square) a day and days they barely touch the hay (less than ½ a bale eaten by the two of them) ... What I love is that when I give them hay, because they still have some from the day before, they come to me, not to the hay and I can enjoy their company instead of just watching them eat!"


"Dr. Getty has delivered a very much and long needed comprehensive insight into equine nutrition and feeding our horses. 'Feed Your Horse Like a Horse', is written in a comfortable language style which is understandable to a new horse owner and detailed enough to build upon the knowledge of a professional. Who better to bring this to us than a horse owning, Ph.D equine nutritionist?? Consider this- What is the degree designation of the 17-year old you ask at the feed store? or even the 'feed store rep'? Always consider the source and background of your information. This is the real stuff.

"I'm a lifelong horse person, now professional. From the roots of competition, breeding, raising and racing thoroughbreds, and practicing veterinary medicine, I can say I've heard most voodoo out there (and there's a LOT of it!). This is the most solid and true-to-the-horse treatise on nutrition I've seen. I can only make the recommendation for you to read this, but it's up to you to do it and put the practices into action. I did, and also was able to help friends and clients change their feeding programs to be more horse-centered. There have been no regrets. I'm actually proud to have non-grain fed racing horses and how awesome they are mentally and physically!

Beyond this bible of nutrition, Dr. Getty will not leave unanswered questions. Through her website she is always available to us for individual help and nutritional counseling. I'm happy and thankful she is so generous with her knowledge and time."

Dr. J. Bendokas, Pennsylvania

"God bless you for helping owners understand that their horses' bad behavior is very probably not their choosing, but do the fact that they are not being fed like a horse. My hose was hated for being dangerous and unpredictable. Two years later, he is a new horse. He could not be more of a sweet, willing, loving. sociable, darling horse. It makes my heart sing to see how happy he is not, largely thanks to you. Thank you from all of us that love our horses but perhaps don't know exactly what that always means. I am your most loyal student."

Cristine, Washington

"I could not be without your book - it is such a blessing. I am hoping you will come back to the Midwest Horse Fair again sometime. In all the years I have been going, you were my favorite speaker."

Karen, Wisconsin

"Your book has really helped me to help my trimming clients in understanding what might be the true cause of their horse/foot problems. Thank you for writing it."

Billy, Florida

"This is a well written book on the specific demands of horse's nutrition based on scientific facts and excellent author's explanations of the metabolism involved. The book included important information on different aspects of food, its nutritional value, food components ("basic chemistry"), benefits of good nutrition, and adverse effects of nutritional errors causing diseases. I would highly recommend this book because I value information which is evidence-based (i.e. up-to-date scientific facts) and the content is as comprehensive as possible. You do not need to have background in biology or other similar field to be able to understand and appreciate information and presented data. However, this is not an entirely easy read, you have to reread and go back to certain chapters to memorize and learn the content. The author, Dr. Getty has presented the facts and knowledge she compiled in a fluent style, enabling a less knowledgeable horse-owner (horse-lover) to evaluate, adjust and change his/her's horse's nutrition for the best results and horse's hapiness and health."

V.K., posted on amazon.com

"I am a big fan of your work and how comprehensive your book is. I own several books on equine nutrition, but there are really none out there that compare to yours for the regular horse owner."

Stephanie, California

"A note to let you know that I have received your book --it is absolutely brilliant. I have not been able to put it down --there is so much useful information and clarification of ingredients, percentages etc etc. It will be a wealth of information for me and to a lot of other people who tend to ask me questions about nutrition. I ride competitively and also teach so am constantly asked for opinions and advice. This book will help no end."

Julie, New Zealand

"I have purchased many equine nutrition books and subscribe to EQUUS and Horse Journal, and I would say Dr. Getty's book is hands-down the most detailed, comprehensive, factual, and authoritative source of equine nutrition. Before finding Dr. Getty's book, it was really difficult to access a single, comprehensive resource that could answer practically any equine nutrition question that I had. Most volumes that are available to laypeople are thin, sometimes associated with pet food manufacturers with unimpressive credentials, were vague, and shallow in their depth of coverage. I was thinking of trying to find a veterinary textbook on equine nutrition to further my learning, so meager were the resources that I could find. However, once I found Dr. Getty's book, I knew I didn't have to keep buying any more thin booklets on equine nutrition. This book has 20 chapters, covering topics from the fundamentals of carbs, proteins, fats, and minerals, to vitamins, weight management, diseases like laminitis, metabolic disorders like insulin resistance, stress and behavior, and an appendix for helping you to "crunch numbers" for calculating feed plans.

"My horse has a hot temperament, and he has spent the last nine months recovering and rehabbing from a ligament injury. This book has really helped me to find supplements to maximize his recovery rate and to keep him sane, using the recommendations from the book for helping with different equine temperaments and with soft tissue injury recovery. A friend of mine also has a horse with Cushing's and laminitis (thankfully now cleared up!), and after borrowing my copy, she had to buy her own because the book covers the disease and how to feed such horses in such clear detail.

"Before I purchased this book, as a first-time horse owner, I had to keep asking friends and trainers at my barn about horse nutrition and supplements. I would often get conflicting and confusing answers, that weren't necessarily based on science or research. Now when I have questions, I am able to find well-researched and clearly explained answers in this book, which has been fantastic. I cannot recommend this book more highly if you are looking for a comprehensive source of equine nutrition and supplements."

Stephi, posted on amazon.com

"Dr. Getty, I bought your book and am hooked! Singing its praises and driving people crazy at the same time. Thank you so much for all the wealth of knowledge and all the time you put into helping horses."

Jamie, California

"I am so impressed with what you have to say, and how you present it in voice and in writing. I have never come across such an incredible writing style which pulls together a multitude of details, and organizes in a way that makes it feel like I've just been brushed by a refreshing breeze, and then discover I've magically absorbed an encyclopedia full of helpful knowledge without effort. The information you have so eloquently presented is what I've been looking for all of these years and didn't know it."

Beverly, California

"Dr. Getty has been helping me with my horses' diets for a year now and the positive changes have been amazing. Not only do my horses work better (barrel racing) but they look fantastic. I am so grateful that I found Dr. Getty. The expense for hay analysis and nutrition counseling has been made back several times over because I am supplementing only what my horse needs and not what feed and supplement company's tell me I need. Yes there is a big difference in the two. I have read the book 3 times already and it is irreplaceable for someone who wants to provide the best care and nutrition for their equine friends. Thank You, Dr. Getty."

Sunny, Oklahoma

"I started reading your book a few days ago and I have learned something on every page, even though I have taken on-line courses dealing with horse nutrition. It is proving to be a wonderful book. Thank you."

Billy, Florida

"Dr. Getty's new book is one that has been so sorely needed by people who needed to find precise solutions to their horses' unmet needs. It is as if one hundred people have shared their cumulative knowledge and research to produce this volume. Every possible question is answered! Every possible mistake is addressed for the reader and the proper solution is given. I have a wonderful horse who had a traumatic injury about which very little is known. It affects his movement as well as his digestive system and though I've tried many nutritional and medical treatments I have had little confidence in my instincts for treating him. This book has given me such intelligent new avenues to offer him and such clear and precise instruction."

Susan, Nevada

"I have been working with Dr. Getty for about one year and I cannot say enough wonderful things about her! Her book is a mirror of her. I find myself picking her book up two or three times a day. There is so much good info in her book!!!"

Melody, Ohio

"I am dealing with a pregnant mare and wanted the knowledge of giving her and her upcoming foal the best care and nutrition I can. With Dr. Getty's help and by reading her book I now have the tools to make the right choices for my horse and her baby! She covers every angle in diet and nutrition, to overcoming problems for any horse owner. Everyone can benefit greatly by reading her book regardless of your level of experience in owning or boarding horses either for personal or business! In the end your horse will somehow thank you!"

Sherrie, Colorado

"Best book on nutrition I have ever read. Dr. Getty explains the whys and wherefores of equine nutrition, presenting the technical information in a readable style. She explains what you should be feeding your horse and why. And because she is not affiliated with any feed companies, you get the straight story. This book encompasses anatomy, physiology, and feed science, and you can tell, in every line, how much she loves horses. Using this book will enable you to feed your horse what it is designed to eat, and also, maximize your feed dollar! Buy this book!"

Bird, Hawaii

"I have owned horses for most of my adult life (I am nearly 60) and I am finding this book to be one of the greatest resources I have ever read on Equine nutrition. It is my belief that every horse owner, barn manager and trainer should read this book; take to heart what is in the printed pages and keep it in the library for easy reference for when a horse doesn't seem quite right and there is just that something that you can't quite put your finger on. Thank you so much Dr. Getty for giving us, the horse owners, this wonderful book based on your years of knowledge and personal involvement with these magnificent creatures called the horse."

Cathi, Texas

"I am really enjoying Dr. Getty's book. It is very straight forward and easy to understand. My horse has had EPM a number of times in the past -- I wish I would have heard of Dr. Getty sooner."

Josie, Illinois

"My colt looks and acts like a new little man. He's grown taller, broader and is filling out. He's happy and much quieter. I cannot believe the transformation. Thank you."

Mary, Illinois

"Approximately 3 months ago I was told that I would need to put my 17 yr old gelding down due to severe laminitis. I was told there was no hope. Not accepting this I started searching for answers. One morning at 1 a.m., I found a link to Dr. Juliet Getty and emailed her. Dr. Getty's e-mail response was "where there is life there is hope". After a consultation with Dr. Getty and getting sound instruction for my horse's nutritional needs I'm pleased to say he is not leading a normal life. He has gone from not being able to walk or lay down without pain to a level of recovery that I am well pleased with."

Janet, Oklahoma

"I was aware of Dr. Getty's dedication to accuracy and detail, however, it was not until I read her published work that I appreciated her skill in making informative reading interesting as well as being so useful. I found this book, which is based on her years of study and research as a university professor, to be not only a potentially excellent textbook but also a wonderful resource book for laymen."

Marilyn, Colorado

"I LOVE THIS BOOK!! It's outstanding, brilliant, and full of knowledge. Every horse/pony/mini owner should have this book. There's even information about mules and donkeys! I'm a horse owner like most of you out there, and I have been with horses for almost 10 years now, and this book has taught me more than those 10 years of experience. I have 3 different horses with very 3 different needs, one is overweight, one is emaciated, and the other just needs to put on muscle. And this book has helped me help my horses in each unique and different way. Dr Juliet Getty is funny, charming and very understanding. By obtaining this book, you increase your horses life, your understanding of horse feed labels, testing hay, how to decrease the starch level in hay, and what safe treats to give, which we need to use in everyday life. There is information on colic, laminitis, abscesses, Cushing's disease, how to feed the emaciated horse, and things we didn't know existed! From the top rider, groom, stables manager, equine nutritionist, to a mere rider who goes once a week, this book will help you in ways far greater than you expect, and on those rare occasions where a horse person does need your help, all you have to do is grab this book and its right there! What a miracle book! Thank you, Dr. Getty for writing this book. It has helped me so so so much and I can't begin to show you my gratitude. My horses are healthy and strong, thanks to you. Thank you."

Aisha, United Arab Emirates

"Dr. Getty's book, "Feed your horse like a horse" is a true labor of love for the horse. The book is a plethora of information and a reference that will last your lifetime. Nice job Doc!"

Vince, Colorado

"Feed Your Horse Like A Horse" IS a reference book but it will NOT be gathering dust on your coffee table! It is a MUST read for every veterinarian and horseman covering all aspects of equine nutrition, remedies, supplements and their importance. The materials honor the natural physiological and psychological needs of a horse. Getty shares her experience and expertise making learning easy and enjoyable. The book is beautifully laid out and indexed with user-friendly charts providing invaluable resources to draw upon. In my opinion it belongs in every barn and veterinary clinic to be grabbed up and referred to when questions arise or explanations are needed. Well worth the price!"

M. M., Wisconsin

"I just read her entire book - WHILE I WAS ON VACATION!! Every single horse owner needs to have this book. It may make the difference between really healthy and almost healthy horses."

Elizabeth, New York

"Dr. Getty has helped us with so many special needs and injury-related problems. She can answer anything you need to know."

Spring Creek Horse Rescue, Colorado

"Gosh, where do I start....I love everything about Dr. Getty's book!! I love the overall theme feeding for health and feeding according to the horse's design. Dr Getty has done an excellent job of combining so much information into one handy reference. The table of contents is superb - the best I have ever seen. It is so handy to look through the 18 page table of contents to go directly to the information that I need. My husband and I have designed a continuous supply hayfeeder, and we sell Dr. Getty's book right beside the hayfeeders. How perfect. Thank you Dr Getty, for all of your hard work in helping us horse owners do right for our equine friends."

Julie, Iowa

"I ordered this book after listening to Dr. Getty on a teleworkshop conducted by Joe Camp on equine nutrition. I have 7 horses and one of them has EMS so I have been researching diet and nutrition information for horses in general and especially for my compromised horse. I got the book, started reading and could not put it down. I found more information in one chapter of her book than I have found in 6 months of researching the web. The book is easy to read, easy to understand, and gives you enough information that you feel you can do something with to help your horses. I highly recommend this book for anyone who has a horse or is thinking of getting one. If you don't have a horse but you have a friend who does...it would make a great gift."


"My easy keeper is doing beautifully on her new all-you-can-eat diet. I do believe she has indeed lost weight. And my TB is gaining, there's been no gassy colic, so it's a win/win. They both seem in much better moods, too."

Rebecca, West Virginia