Treats are fun to use, both as a reward for training and a way to greet your horse. Most treats on the market are filled with preservatives, and are likely high in sugar and starch. It is better to give your horse a treat that nourishes him, especially if your horse is overweight or has a metabolic condition. 

The treats below are clean and taste delicious. Chock Full'a Chia treats offer a great way to add chia seeds (high in omega 3s) and offer added medicinal herbs for various conditions.  Beet-e-Bites are crunchy and come in your horse's favorite flavors. There's also a cookie top dressing for picky eaters. And the Crypto Aero Whole Food Treats are human grade, and delicious. These contain dates, so would only be a good choice for a horse who can tolerate a little extra sugar in the diet. 

For more information, see the Resource Library on Treats.