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Forefront Colostrum is organic and certified Non-GMO. Wholefood support for immune function, tissue repair and much more!

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Why Colostrum?

Please enjoy this article, written by Juliet M. Getty, Ph.D. on the many benefits of "Colostrum - An Exceptional Superfood."

Sourcing & Collection

Colostrum is collected from U.S. Grade A dairies. ForeFront Equine's colostrum is sourced from hundreds of farms from the major dairy regions of the U.S. Since the amount of bovine colostrum produced exceeds the needs of the neonate, the excess can be safely collected without impact to the health of calves. Every dairy in their supplier's collection system is operational in accordance with accepted dairy industry practices and is in compliance with 9 CFR 113.450 (C) standards as a licensed product ingredient. Their supplier assigns every procurement dairy with a unique identification number. This identification number is recorded throughout the manufacturing process for full trace-ability.

Immunoglobulins (IgG) are tested. The integrity of the product is guaranteed through strict quality controls and procedures and by utilizing innovative processing systems and drying techniques. ForeFront enforces strict operational quality controls and procedures. Along with public regulators like the FDA, USDA, CDFA, and WSDA, they guarantee their product quality by working with third party organizations such as the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), NSF International and certifiers such as Kosher and Halal.

All dairies go through a stringent approval process, which includes the guarantee that synthetic hormones such as recombinant bovine somatotropin (rBST) and antibiotics will not be allowed in the colostrum. Forefront Colostrum is organic and certified Non-GMO.

Supplies Immune & Growth Nutrients & Benefits the GI Tract

As nature's first food for newborns colostrum supplies immune and growth nutrients and a balanced combination of vitamins and minerals. It contains proteins (antibodies) that fight disease-causing agents such as bacteria and viruses. It is proven to provide similar benefits for horses of any age or activity level. Colostrum also offers tremendous benefits to the gastrointestinal tract.

Behind every ForeFront Equine product there is a core value of proven technology. From equine specific probiotics to BeneCell to colostrum it is these unique but verified ingredients that separates ForeFront Equine from other animal health companies.

One of the core ingredients in nearly all ForeFront Equine products is colostrum. Colostrum is an all-natural, multi-purpose nutritional ingredient that offers a healthy boost to an animal's overall health. With over 70 Growth Factors and over 80 Immune Factors including Transfer Factor this whole food is a powerhouse of cellular, tissue, GI tract, and immune support.

With every ingredient hand selected by the ForeFront Equine nutritional team the colostrum they have selected brings tremendous value. The colostrum used by ForeFront Equine comes from a proprietary treatment process that is recognized and approved by federal authorities and international product safety organizations. Gentle thermal processing techniques provide assurance against microbial contamination, while protecting superior immunoglobulin content, specific antibodies, growth factors, and other valuable components found within colostrum.

Benefits of Using Colostrum

The following are a few ways that colostrum can greatly benefit your horse:

Digestive Support - As nature's first food, colostrum supplies immune and growth factors along with a perfect combination of vitamins and minerals to support overall health. The equine digestive system is largely responsible for good health, and unfortunately, poor health as well. Stress, diet, NSAID and antibiotic use can have tremendous negative consequences on your horse's digestion. Several published studies have shown that colostrum plays a major role in digestive health. It not only protects the digestive tract from nasty bacterial infections, but also reduces the toxicity of those infections, and repairs the lining of the GI tract --all at the same time. Digestive integrity is key to a horse's health in many ways as it is the foundation of immunity. Colostrum is one tool you can employ to help support a healthy digestive tract and immune system for your horses.

Joint Support - Colostrum is best known for its digestive properties but it also has tremendous value for joint support. Through a landmark study scientists have found that colostrum can help relief joint pain. The study spanned 3 decades and was called the Ohio Survey. More than 8,000 people participated in the Ohio Survey and follow-up studies after that. All the participants suffered from joint damage, pain, and/or stiffness. Each participant took colostrum daily. Then every 3 months, they recorded and rated their joint symptoms. The results? 8 out of 10 patients reported significant relief in joint pain. And 7 out of 10 reported less morning stiffness simply from taking colostrum.Colostrum contains a peptide that helps relieve joint pain. Scientists call it the LMW peptide. Studies show it prevents and reduces painful inflammation in the joints. Also, colostrum is the only natural source of insulin-like growth factor. Insulin-like growth factor increases cartilage and collagen production. This helps cushion joints so you can move more freely with less pain.

Not Just for Foals -- The most common, and known, use of colostrum is in foal diets. This is certainly a tremendous, and sometimes, needed application. Foals that do not receive adequate colostrum suffer from a syndrome called failure of passive transfer (FPT), which is estimated to affect up to 25 percent of newborn foals and predisposes them to life-threatening diseases. Because of the obvious importance of colostrum to the newborn foal, many broodmare farms and veterinary clinics maintain stores of frozen colostrum to be used in an emergency. Even though colostrum is seen as an immediate need for foals that shouldn't stop horse owners from continually providing colostrum to their horses. Colostrum's bioactive agents can boost overall immune function, promote intestinal healing and help prevent immune system hyperactivity for horses of all ages.

Research Indicates that Colostrum May Help:

  • Support immune system function
  • Combat bacteria and viruses
  • Enhance skin and muscle rejuvenation
  • Support joint and cartilage function
  • Build lean muscle mass
  • Maintain healthy intestinal flora
  • Increase strength and stamina
  • Accelerate healing of injury or trauma

Note on feeding:

It is recommended that the colostrum be sprinkled on top of the feed or grain and shaken around a bit. A little water can be sprinkled around as well to make it stick, but if there is too much stirring, the colostrum will stick as it IS a sticky substance. If the horse balks at the smell, which is extremely rare, back the serving off to 1/4 and start there. After a few days add a tiny but more and continue that process until the horse fully accepts it. The little clumps are NORMAL, (no emulsifiers/fillers) they are easily broken down with a little swish of the bucket.

Whether your horse is an All Star, a weekend athlete, or your companion, it may need a little help to reach its potential or recover from adversity. Safe and all-natural colostrum offers that extra healthy edge. Along with the stand-alone colostrum product, colostrum can be found in several ForeFront Equine products. Currently available in these other products:

Client Testimonial

Here's what K. Dorval had to say about her recent experience feeding colostrum:

"Thought I would share with you the results of the rehab on the pony who pulled her check ligament. I started her on the colostrum right away and she was able to go back to full work three months earlier than my vet thought. Great stuff!! My vet didn't believe me that the pony was healing so well, she came and did an ultra sound and was so surprised that the ligament looked so good. She gave us the go ahead to return her to full work." 


Certified Organic Colostrum 

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  • Three 2lb jars (135 to 270 servings) $255.85 

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