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Stabilized, food-grade, non-GMO, clean ground flaxseeds - Nutra Flax is the best choice for your horse. 

All sizes with Free Shipping in Continental US (via UPS or USPS), except the 12 lb size ships free to Alaska and Hawaii.*


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Why Choose Nutra Flax for Your Horse?

  • Non-GMO northern grown flaxseed
  • Food grade full-fat milled
  • Micronizing process lessens oxidation & rancidity
  • 2-year stability/shelf-life guarantee
  • Balanced Ca:P ratio

Horsetech is very proud of the flaxseed product they have selected for use in this supplement and would like to let you know a little bit about the product.

They work with a single source for northern grown flaxseed (non-GMO).  The product itself is a food grade full-fat milled flaxseed.  

Unlike the traditional grinding or crushing of flaxseeds, Nutra-Flax uses a micronizing process that slices the seed at high speeds, using a controlled temperature to lessen the friction-induced heat production that results from older, more aggressive processing methods.  Micronizing lessens the exposure to oxygen and heat, both of which promote the oxidation (and hence, rancidity) of the unsaturated Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids found in flaxseeds. In addition, only mature seeds are used, to provide your horse with the highest amount of naturally occurring antioxidants, that further increase shelf life.

This preserves the purity and integrity of the oil while making the proteins highly useable for equine use.  None of the natural oils is removed or expelled during the process leaving all of the nutritious and desirable Omega-3 fatty acids intact!  Flaxseed oil is a superior source of Omega-3 and this base product is loaded with it!

There are no added/artificial preservatives -- Nutra-Flax is naturally stabilized. The stability is guaranteed for 2 years!

All of the flaxseed is prepared for the human food market--it's food grade material.  

There has been a dramatic increase in interest recently in both the nutritional essentiality of Omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids for optimal health as well as their potential in the prevention and clinical management of certain diseases.

Some of the reported benefits in the appearance and disposition of the horse are:

  • Improved coat and hair appearance
  • Improved hoof condition
  • Decreased nervousness

Omega 3 Fatty Acids from Flaxseed show Promise in Treating:

  • Thrombotic diseases, dyslipidemia, and cardia arrhythmia
  • Allergic dermatitis
  • Chronic arthritis
  • Chronic inflammation and small airway disease in young racehorses
  • Enteritis or colitis induced by bacteria, parasites, or drugs
  • Clinical endotoxemia
  • Neural development of foals

Food Grade Flaxseed that's Enhanced for Equine Use! Loaded with Omega-3

Flaxseed is an excellent feedstuff for equine diets--rich in protein, energy, dietary fiber and the desirable Omega-3 fatty acids.  Many people would like to find an easy way to work some flaxseed into their horse's diet.  However, the natural calcium to phosphorus ratio in flaxseed is inverted and without proper calcium supplementation the balance of calcium to phosphorus in the total/complete diet may be thrown out of balance.  In Nutra Flax, the Calcium content is 1.12% (635 mg per 2 ounce serving); Phosphorus content is .78%  (443 mg per 2 ounce serving).  The calcium to phosphorus ratio is therefore, 1.4 to 1.

(This amount of calcium will not interfere with even a high-calcium diet, such as one that is predominantly alfalfa. If you prefer, however, to have Nutra Flax without calcium, simply state your preference in the Instructions area when you check out.)

Nutra-Flax is food grade full-fat milled flaxseed that has been enhanced with high quality calcium carbonate in order to bring the calcium to phosphorus ratio into a range that is more suitable for use in equine diets.

Feed Nutra-Flax as part of a complete, balanced diet.  Nutra-Flax is rich in protein, fat and fiber which needs to be taken into consideration when adding it to your horse's diet. Most of my clients are feeding approximately two (2) to four (4) ounces of flax per day (that's the same as 1 to 2 of the provided 1/2 cup scoops).  Nutra-Flax should not comprise more than 10% of the total diet.

Omega-3 fatty acids offer many health benefits. Each ounce of Nutra-Flax will provide approximately:

  • 10.75 grams natural flax oil
  • 6.0 grams natural Omega-3
  • 1.6 grams natural Omega-6

Nutra-Flax is ready to feed. There's no messy grinding or milling.  Just scoop and feed this beautiful food-grade MILLED product.  READY TO FEED!

Nutra-Flax is made using bakery-grade milled flaxseed, however we do not suggest that it be used for your own/human consumption.

If you would prefer Organic Ground Flaxseeds, and a better price, click here...

Great for Skin and Hair Coat!

Nutra-Flax does wonders for your horse's skin and hair coat.  The natural flax oil does an excellent job in relieving the problems associated with allergic dermatitis and in particular summer eczema.  Rely on Nutra-Flax to relieve itchy, scaly eczema that many horses encounter.

Horses will "slick" right up for you!

Feeding Recommendations

  • For Improved Skin and Coat: Feed approximately 2 to 6 ounces (1 to 3 scoops) per day.
  • For General Health or Weight Gain: Feed approximately 2 to 8 ounces (1 to 4 scoops per day).

Mature horses may be fed up to one (1) pound per day as a source of protein, fiber, and/or fat (as part of a nutritionally balanced feeding program).  Always evaluate your feeding program for nutritional soundness prior to adding flaxseed. Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, enhanced flaxseed promotes good health and shows potential in the prevention and clinical management of certain diseases.  The enclosed scoop will hold approximately two (2) ounces by weight.


Food Grade Full-Fat Milled Flaxseed, Calcium Carbonate

Sizing, Price and Serving Details

All sizes with Free Shipping within Continental U.S. (via UPS or USPS) *see below

All products are fresh and shipped directly from the manufacturer. Save 5% off of Horsetech's regular prices. 

  • 12 lbs    Re-sealable Pouch     $69.95   (48 4-ounce servings)
  • 25 lbs    Sewn bag    $119.95   (100 4-ounce servings)
  • 25 lbs    Plastic Pail    $125.95   (100 4-ounce servings)
  • 40 lbs    Sewn Bag     $155.95   (160 4-ounce servings)
  • Order TWO 40 lb bags and save!  $299.95      (320 4-ounce servings)
  • 60 kg Drum (132 lbs)   $549.95   (528 4-ounce servings)

Shipping Information

*Nutra-Flax is shipped via UPS or USPS within 2 days of your order.  Free Shipping is within the continental U.S. and the 12 lb size ships free to Alaska and Hawaii.  Other sizes shipped to Alaska, Hawaii, and all sizes to Canada, and all international locations will be charge separately. Please email or call 940-272-0001 for exact shipping charges prior to ordering.

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