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Body Builder is a natural nutraceutical containing Gamma Oryzanol.

It has been proven to: Increase lean muscle mass; Improve appetite; Reduce stress in hard working equine athletes; Improve overall body condition; and Calm the agitated or sour horse

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    Body Builder™ - the Natural Solution for Not Using Steroids


    Body Builder™ consists of Rice Bran Oil and Rice Bran Extract containing Gamma Oryzanol which was one of the first plant sterols to be studied for its anabolic effect as a steroid substitute. It was discovered that this constituent of rice bran oil has stimulative growth effects on subjects that ingested pure supplements. That is, less food was required by the Oryzanol group for the same weight gain as a control group when fed the same diet. Due to its poor absorption rate when consumed naturally, Rice Bran Oil & Extract Gamma Oryzanol should be taken in a concentrated liquid form. We all want an effective, safe and natural replacement to steroids. It is the natural solution for NOT using steroids. Proven over and over again for 18 years -- whether it is for 2 year old’s, racing overnight and or in the Classics, both in USA or abroad, it simply works great, and it works because it has the highest quality ingredients and has the highest absorption rate of any other product.

    The active ingredient in Body Builder is gamma oryzanol extract, emulsified in an oil base that allows it to be properly delivered and absorbed in the digestive tract of the horse.

    Also, recent research strongly suggests that the Ferulic Acid portion of the Rice Bran Oil & Extract Gamma Oryzanol structure in rice bran oil is responsible for the anabolic activity by increasing hormone precursor levels (pregnenolone).

    Gamma oryzanol is a naturally occurring mixture of sterols and ferulic acid found in rice bran oil. It has been shown to have a positive effect on weight gain in the form of lean muscle mass due to their effect on the horse’s endocrine system, resulting in increased fat metabolism and protein synthesis. Research in horses showed improved muscle definition throughout the body.

    Body Builder is a natural nutraceutical. It has been proven to:

    • Increase lean muscle mass
    • Improve appetite Reduce stress in hard working equine athletes
    • Improve overall body condition
    • Calm the agitated or sour horse

    In most horses, 20 days of supplementation was required before clear-cut signs of improvement were apparent to everyone. In horses that were suffering from severe loss of body condition, Body Builder displayed dramatic reversals in as little as a week's time.

    Body Builder has been used by some of the BEST in the industry successfully for over 15 years. Rice Bran Oil* and Rice Bran Oil Extract contain the natural compound, Gamma Oryzanol. Body Builder is a unique, specially formulated, emulsified liquid concentrate, which means that the absorption of the compound is greatly enhanced and effective. Although this form of Rice Bran Oil extract costs more to acquire than any other on the market, it has shown a long history of success and satisfied customers. Results are important, as proven over 15 years.

    Gamma Oryzanol - What Does it Do?

    Equiade Products has been manufacturing Body Builder™ for horses, dogs and other animals for over 16 years. The founder of the company, Arnold Epstein, developed the first muscle enhancing formula for animals. It was the first and still the best.

    The primary ingredient of Body Builder™ is Gamma Oryzanol. It is the extract of Rice Bran Oil in an oil base. Many companies have tried to copy our product but none get the same results and this is why. We use the highest grade Gamma Oryzanol (pharmaceutical grade) available, from a secret source. There is a limited supply of this special Gamma Oryzanol and since our company was the first to use it we get most of the supply. Many other products use a cheap grade of Gamma Oryzanol from China in powdered form. Since it is so impure it is cheaper and this makes their costs lower but also makes their product less effective.

    Another problem is the use of Gamma Oryzanol in powdered form mixed with water. This substance won’t dissolve in water only fat, so unless it is in an oil base it won’t be absorbed. So when deciding which product with Gamma Oryzanol to use, ask - Is it an oil base? And Is it pharmaceutical grade?

    Here are some of the beneficial effects some of our customers have reported in their animals from use of Body Builder™ :

    • Increased Muscle Mass
    • Increased Calmness, Less Nervousness
    • Healthier Animal
    • Increased Fertility in Males and Females
    • Increased Strength and Energy
    • Better Performance in Racing

    These effects are due to the chemical composition of the Gamma Oryzanol molecule. It is a plant sterol which is similar in structure to steroids but has none of the dangerous side effects. It is a natural alternative that doesn’t test.


    • Sugars: 450 mg
    • Gamma oryzanol: 993 mg

    Dosage Information

    32oz bottle: 1 tbsp (15cc) a day lasts for 2 months.  

    Sizing, Price and Serving Details

    • One Quart  (32 oz)  $94.95
    • Two Quarts (64 oz)  $184.95
    • Buy a case of 12 Quarts and Save! $1010.95

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    Frequently Asked Questions about Body Builder and Answers - by Dr. Ernest Pecoraro, CEO/President of Equiade, Inc.


    1. What is it?

    It is a Rice Bran Oil Emulsion that contains Gamma Oryzanol used as a nutritional supplement.

    2. What is the difference between Body Builder™ and other Rice Bran Oil and Gamma Oryzanol products?

    The key to having it work is the absorption factor, without proper absorption it does not work. We use the best grade brown rice extract in the world from a special source. Gamma Oryzanol is fat soluble so that means it only can be absorbed when mixed with the fat in oil. All other products on the market use lower grade Gamma Oryzanol. That doesn’t mix well with oil, they don’t have our secret proprietary blend. That is why we are less than 1/2 the dose of all other products and have 5-10X the absorption factor. Arnold Epstein, the pharmacist who developed the product took over 2 years to find the right mixture over 17 years ago. Other types of Gamma Oryzanol products are in powder form and or mixed with water which will not be absorbed since it isn’t water soluble. These other products I mentioned are usually cheaper in price but the dosage is twice or more our dosage. Our daily dosage may be the equivalent of feeding 2 gallons of rice bran oil per day which is impossible!

    3. Does it test?

    No it doesn’t test.

    4. How do you use it?

    Use on quart for one horse for two months. You give 1 tablespoon (15cc) per day. You may double the dosage the first few weeks of use to get it into the bloodstream.

    5. When should I start to give it?

    Ideally you need to start at least 3 or more months before the sales prep. We suggest continuing throughout the horses lifetime for maximum health effects.

    6. What is the best way to give it to the horse?

    The best way is to use the oral syringe and put it into the back of the mouth. If you Can’t do this you can “top dress” it. Do not mix with the feed and other substances only “top dress”. When we questioned customers that said the product didn’t work we found out that they mixed it up with the feed. Because its an oil emulsion most of the Body Builder™ was lost to the sides of the container. When it was then administered properly, by syringe or “top dress”the customer saw the desired results in the animal.

    7. What effects have been seen in the animals after administering Body Builder™?

    Some of the beneficial effects reported are: increase of lean muscle mass, improvement of appetite, improvement in coat and appearance, eases digestion, increase of strength and energy, no melt down from non-usage after the show, sale or competition, increases overall health and endurance, attitude is relaxed but at same time competitive, increases immune system and increased fertility rates for stallions and broodmares.

    8. Can you elaborate on its effects for broodmares?

    Yes. It relaxes the mare and allows her to act normally, it helps balance her hormonal level to fit the situation, physically improves health and strength of immune system and organs and aids in creating a good follical for conception. We have testimonials from breeders who have had problem broodmares become more fertile and more able to come to full term after using Body Builder™. Also, other customers have reported that administering Body Builder to the mare before and during the pregnancy resulted in astounding results in the babies. They attribute this to the crossing of our product into the placenta from the blood.

    9. How do I administer on foals to be sold?

    On sucklings and weanlings start at 5cc’s for a few days then go to 10cc’s and after one month 15cc’s. The best way is to use the syringe. If the sale is less than 2 months away we suggest (on yearlings) 20cc’s to 30cc’s a day for the first 10 days to get it into the bloodstream.

    10. How fast will I see the results?

    Usually in 3-4 weeks. This will vary on the animals age, health and exercise.

    11. What are the side effects of Body Builder™?

    There are no known side effects, it contains natural substances that are harmless but have great nutritional value.

    12. Why should I use Body Builder™ instead of the other products?

    I answered most of this in question 2 but simply we were the first product of this kind on the market and we are the best.

    Product Testimonial

    "This is the best product I have ever bought in all my years of owning horses. I wish I had known about it in the early days when I was bringing in rescue horses...it works wonders. I have a SE mare I have pumped food, supplements, etc. into the last couple years and this is the first product that has put weight on her and wow, does she shine!" ~ Susan Thompson, Twin Rivers Arabians, Neodesha, KS

    A Body Builder Winner -- Baqueros Slewgirl

    Courtesy of Bob S., Chatham, LA

    A Body Builder Winner - Baqueros Slewgirl winning at Louisiana Downs