Resource Library - Salt and Electrolytes

Sodium chloride (NaCl) is required by every horse, all year round. The typical dose for a full-sized horse is one ounce per day. That translates into 1 level tablespoon (15 ml), twice daily. Salt can be added to meals, but it is preferable to offer it free choice, so your horse can decide how much he needs. During hot, humid weather or during exercise, salt requirements increase. 

Salt blocks and rocks may not provide enough simply because the horse's tongue is smooth, and can easily become irritated by consistent licking.  They can be provided to offer additional salt, but the basic requirement needs to be met through supplementation or by offering a coarse granulation, free choice. 

Electrolytes are not salt. They contain some salt, but they are designed to replace what is lost through perspiration. Therefore, electrolytes need to fed on an as-needed basis, and in addition to salt. They do not replace salt. 


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