Introducing Your Horse to Glanzen and Reitsport Family of Products

Introducing Your Horse to

HorseTech’s Glanzen & ReitSport Family of Products

IMPORTANT: Each ½ Cup Scoop will provide approximately TWO (2) Ounces or 56.75 grams For best results the HorseTech’s Glanzen and ReitSport products should be introduced to your horse gradually. For best results, and best acceptance, we recommend that you do not start with the full six ounces (170.25 grams) per day. It is recommended that you start with about ½ scoop (one ounce, by weight), the first day. From that point gradually increase the daily measure until you are providing the full three scoops (six ounces, by weight), per day.This introductory period may take approximately 10-14 days.As with any change to diet, this introduction process may be extended further for horses with any past history of colic, pickiness.

In relation to many other supplements, HorseTech’s Glanzen and ReitSport products are relatively large daily portions at six (6) ounces per day. Six ounces will contain approximately four (4) ounces of full-fat flaxseed meal. We recommend that you gradually work up to the six ounce per day usage rate as described above. This can be split into two smaller portions if you prefer to provide the product in the morning and evening. The total usage rate should not exceed six ounces (170.25 grams) per day. The enclosed ½ cup scoop will hold approximately two ounces (56.75 grams) when filled to the ½ cup line. Doubling-up the usage rate initially, (commonly referred to as “loading”) is neither recommended nor advised.

You can adjust the daily usage rate for ponies and lighter breeds in proportion to their weight. For example, a younger horse or a pony weighing 500-600 lbs. might receive a approximately three ounces per day (about half that of a 1,000 to 1,200 lb. horse).

Most horses like the aroma and taste of HorseTech’s Glanzen and ReitSport products. However, if you encounter a problem with acceptance, you may try an enticement such as diced apple, shredded carrot, concentrated apple juice, applesauce, molasses or even a bit of apple cider vinegar. Gradually reduce or remove the enticement once the horse has accepted the product. 

IMPORTANT: Some variations of HorseTech’s Glanzen and ReitSport products contain MSM, Glucosamine HCL, Chondroitin Sulfate and/or Hyaluronic Acid. For horses used in competition always be sure to check with your sport’s sanctioning body PRIOR TO USE to insure that the use of all ingredients is allowable.