Glanzen Product Guide - Help Me Choose for My Horse

For Horses who have access to 8 or more hours of healthy pasture, during growing seasons, choose:

1.  Glanzen3 -- for hooves, coat, attitude, and overall general health.  

2.  Glanzen GL -- just like Glanzen3, but has joint support from added Glucosamine and Vitamin C.

3.  Glanzen Lite -- just like Glanzen3, but with smaller portion size - great for easy keepers, smaller breeds, or young horses. Somewhat lower levels of minerals, making it taste better for picky eaters.



For Horses that are strictly on Hay, or get less than 8 hours of pasture grazing each day, consider the Complete custom products (contain nutrients that are lost in hay):

1. Glanzen Complete -- all the benefits of Glanzen3 but fills in the nutrient gaps that exist with hay, making it truly a complete vitamin/mineral supplement.  

2. Glanzen GL Complete -- just like Glanzen Complete, providing nutrients to fill in the gaps created by a hay-based diet, but also offers joint support through added Glucosamine and Vitamin C.

3. Glanzen Lite Complete -- just like the Glanzen Complete, but with fewer calories (for easy keepers) and inorganic versions of minerals, making it taste better for picky eaters.