B-Complete Research

Banana Feeds Australia has undertaken research with laboratories and researchers regarding the use of dried green bananas as a supplement for horses. It was such a new concept that it had never been done before! Well it has now!

We have worked alongside the South Australian Research and Development Institution, and the Vet School at Roseworthy campus for University of Adelaide.

Initially we conducted a world-wide academic literacy search, which turned up very little. We found papers on other species, so we had to start from scratch.

A lot of analytical work has been completed, lots of in-field trials conducted, and further extensive trials have now commenced against omeprazole for management of ulcers. There is evidence in overseas research that have indicated banana and their skins are achieving results equivalent to ulcer drugs.

Green bananas contain high levels of antioxidants and other bioactive compounds that may confer a variety of health benefits. Unripe bananas and green banana supplements have been found to be beneficial for gastrointestinal health in humans and have been shown to have anti-ulcerogenic properties in rodent models. In horses they are looking at the ulcers in the acid secreting areas of the stomach, which in horses are known as glandular ulcers, found in the lower part of the stomach. In the past these ulcers have been very difficult to near impossible to heal, and the work we are doing is to bring a new product to market that can improve this terrible condition.

Approximately 60-100% of strenuously exercising horses are affected by equine gastric ulceration syndrome (EGUS) and a natural product that could help prevent this condition would be extremely beneficial.

Banana Feeds Australia designed, commenced and have concluded an initial intensive trial with researchers at the University of Adelaide to determine the effects of feeding a dried green banana supplement on gastrointestinal health and specifically its use as an ulcer preventative or maintenance product