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Sainfoin pellets are an extraordinary quality protein alternative to alfalfa pellets.  They are non-gas producing, reducing incidence of gas colic, better protein utilization, and improved overall body condition. If you're looking for a healthy alternative to today's toxic hay pellets, this is the product for you.  

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Sainfoin Pellets


What is Sainfoin?


Sainfoin, otherwise known as “holy hay,” is a plant long recognized for its extraordinary palatability and health benefits. This forage was primarily grown for horses prior to the industrialization of agriculture, but was all but abandoned with the invention of tractors and the promise of fertilizers and weed control chemicals that would make large scale farming possible.

Sainfoin is now experiencing a rebirth as scientists all over the world recognize its unique ability to resist drought, draw nutrients from deep in the earth to nourish grazing animals, fix nitrogen, sequester phosphates, and support pollinators; all necessary if we are to make headway in our quest to address climate change. 

Small quarters of land in the western United States are a riotous blur of pink when the sainfoin crop comes into bloom in June. In the stillness of a hot Montana afternoon you can hear the steady drone of bees and see the pervasive movement of butterflies flitting from plant to plant. Tourists will stop to get permission to take photos in the vibrant, pink landscape, which is said to rival the tulip fields of Amsterdam for their breathtaking beauty.

Horses, cattle, sheep, goats and wildlife all exhibit a strong preference for sainfoin over other forages and will walk through a blooming field of alfalfa to feast on the blooms, stems and leaves of this extraordinary plant.

Top benefits of Sainfoin in horses:

  1. The higher tannin level disrupts mechanisms that create gas during digestion so sainfoin is non-gas producing. Limiting gas production along the gastrointestinal tract is not simply a matter of comfort for the horse, but may reduce incidence of gas colic. 

  2. Longer chewing time. We have recorded the chewing time of horses who eat an alfalfa pellet vs those who eat the sainfoin pellet. The horses observed spent an average of 30% more time chewing the sainfoin, salivated significantly more and drank up to twice the amount of water when they were eating sainfoin. Chewing for production of saliva and digestive enzymes and increased water consumption are all important for optimal gastrointestinal health in horses.

  3. The presence of condensed tannins in sainfoin increases the bioavailability of digested proteins in the stomach and small intestine, as well as promotes the formation of beneficial metabolites once it reaches the microbial flora in the hindgut. In horses this results in better toplinemore effective maintenance of topline/muscling when the horse is in hard work, and improved hoof horn. The protein found in sainfoin pellets is 76% bioavailable, compared to most horse feeds with a protein bioavailability of less than 40%

  4. Sainfoin is high in Omega-3 fatty acids for natural anti-inflammatory support.

  5. Low sugar, low in starch, making it excellent for metabolic conditions. 

  6. More palatable than alfalfa. If you have a horse who is off their feed or refuses to eat a supplement, incorporating sainfoin often gets them going. 

  7. Sainfoin has anthelmintic properties and has been shown to help control strongyles in cattle, sheep and goats. It has been assumed that it will work the same in horses but this theory has not been tested so we are uncomfortable making this claim until we have had an opportunity to test Sainfoin's efficacy on a herd of heavy shedding horses in a controlled environment.

Select Sainfoin instead of alfalfa! Your horse will enjoy it even more, and you'll seed the results you're looking for in your horse's health.  

StableFeed Sainfoin is a 100% forage pellet formed without the use of binding agents, preservatives, or by-products. It is non-gmo and has never been sprayed with harmful chemicals or pesticides. 

For a Sainfoin-based fortified and enhanced feed product, please be sure to take a look at Seasons Biome Blend Pellets

Product Description

100% Sainfoin Forage Pellet. Sainfoin is a forage legume similar to alfalfa. 

Feeding Instructions

When feeding a pelleted feed, add water, a rock, or feed spread out to avoid choke. Feed by weight and not by volume. Forage pellets can be used as an additive or substituted for flakes of hay on a pound for pound basis. 


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    You can mix Sainfoin pellets with Seasons Biome Blend Pellets, if you prefer.  Contact Stable Feed and give the Discount word: CHESTER, to receive your discount. Email or call 507-487-2323.


    This is an all natural product with no artificial ingredients or preservatives. To maintain shelf life store in a cool and dry location


    Unsolicited testimonials

    "I love the sainfoin forage product and I have had great results with every horse I have put it on. Whether I want to put on weight quickly, or help a horse maintain a healthy weight, sainfoin is my go to. It has helped my competition horses maintain a healthy weight, as well as providing them with the gut support they need. I absolutely recommend it!" Ashlynn, Florida

    "I started using Stablefeed’s Sainfoin forage pellet one year ago on an OTTB. He was showing discomfort with hind gut ulcers, had seemed to plateau in gaining weight and had a dull coat that was not shedding out. Within 3 months of adding the sainfoin to his feed, his coat had shed out and had a nice shine to it. He was also gaining weight. When I added the Papaya chia to his diet, his outward discomfort to grooming and riding had completely disappeared. I also noticed a significant difference in his coat over the summer months. He has very thin skin and gets eaten up by flies. He develops sores from biting and scratching them. His skin was less irritated and he had less skin breakouts last summer than the previous one. I highly recommend this forage pellet - there is nothing like it on the market! My horse absolutely LOVES it!" Hilary, New Jersey


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