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B-COMPLETE™ is Nature's elite green banana supplement! It is the world’s first 100% natural gut health supplement for equines made from 100% green bananas.  The mission: Healthier, happier, calmer and better performing horses. Also wonderful for your dog!

It's all about gut health. 100% Natural. 100% Australian. 

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This is a WHOLE FOOD that benefits most** horses!


100% NATURAL  -- An equine and canine gut health supplement made from sustainably grown dried green bananas and nothing else!

B-COMPLETE™ is the world’s first 100% natural gut health supplement for equine and canine made from 100% green bananas.  The mission: Healthier, happier, calmer and better performing horses.

Gut health is so important in the performance and well-being of all equine breeds.


B-Complete is made entirely from Australian dried green bananas which are rich in nutritional benefits. Made from the flesh, skin, stem and flower end, B-COMPLETE™ utilizes the entire green banana to harness the special nutritional profiles from every part of the fruit.

Made in AUSTRALIA and used by clients whose horses are involved in racing, eventing, dressage, western, polo, endurance, trotting, carriage driving or just enjoying retirement.

Consider its benefits:

  • Whole green banana fiber acts as a prebiotic to favor the nourishment of beneficial microflora in the gut helping to retain a healthy microbiome thus creating gut harmony. Its high Resistant Starch content feeds the microbiome without causing any change in insulin levels. 
  • As the gut is vitally important to immune function, a balanced microbiome and gut harmony is essential for immune support.
  • Gut stability also maintains normal digestion and a healthy gut.
  • Gut harmony aids in producing a natural temperament.
  • Whole green bananas contain pectin which is known to help maintain normal gastric mucosa.
  • Green banana is a great source of potassium for electrolyte balance and muscle function. Potassium supports the acid-base balance, helping to maintain the pH levels of body fluids, crucial for proper cellular function and overall health, while also promoting optimal heart function.
  • Dried green bananas naturally contain antioxidant nutrients vitamin C & vitamin E, as well as essential minerals such as calcium and magnesium – all contributing to the overall well-being of your animal.
  • Green bananas have also been shown to have antimicrobial, hypoglycemic and antilithiatic properties. This stability within the gut promotes immune competence, countering bacterial, fungal, viral or parasitic challenges in all species. 

Our pledge for Sustainability

The green bananas used in our B-COMPLETE™ range of products are sourced solely from the banana farms of the Queensland Coast, bordering Australia’s stunning Great Barrier Reef. We have put a great deal of time and effort into developing a safe, and sustainable product, utilizing only the bananas which, due to minor imperfections, are not suitable for the supermarket, further reducing the environmental impact in this special region. We stand behind our pledge to help ensure this beautiful coast remains pristine, so that future generations can enjoy it as we do now.


By creating a product that uses every part of the banana, including the pulp, skin, stem and flower ends, B-COMPLETE™ can harness all of the nutritional benefits of green bananas.

Research shows between 60-100% of horses suffer from gastric ulcers and horses of all ages and across almost all disciplines may be affected during their lifetime.

Therefore the aim was to develop a product that is 100% natural, safe and effective, which can be sustainably used long-term to promote a healthy gut and optimum performance. This then extended beyond equine – to canine, which also suffers from many of the same problems that B-COMPLETE™ can offer relief from. At some point in the future this product will likely be relevant to human gut health.

The simple truth is that green bananas are a good source of insoluble fiber, phytoactive antioxidants, potassium, and naturally occurring calming compounds. The unripened fruit is vastly different to the high sugar content of ripened bananas, with less than 3% sugar and starch, making it beneficial for all horses, including those with metabolic issues. 

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Highly Palatable! Feeding Instructions:

    Suitable for all equine breeds and classes. Recommended dosage is 1 rounded scoop (approx. 100g) per day per 1,100 lb (500kg) animal.


Excellent for your dogs, too!

As dried green bananas also offer great digestive health benefits for the canine species, Banana Feeds Australia responded by developing B-COMPLETE™ for dogs.

Whole green banana fiber acts as a prebiotic to favor the nourishment of beneficial microflora in the gut helping to retain a healthy microbiome, thus creating gut harmony!

As the gut is vitally important to whole body health including immune function, nutrient absorption and general wellbeing, maintaining a balanced microbiome is essential for optimal vitality and quality of life.


     For Dogs - mix into dog's food daily. May be fed dry or moistened. Feed according to package directions based on your dog's weight. 



    2-Gallon $95.95 Approximately 35-day supply when fed at 1 cup (100 grams) per day

    5.3 Gallon  $219.95  90-day Supply when fed at 1 cup (100 grams) per day

    For your Dogs!  1.1 lbs   $24.95  25-30day supply. 



    100% whole green dried bananas!  ** Because of the high potassium level in bananas, this food product would not be appropriate for horses with HYPP, kidney disease, or any electrolyte disorder. 

    There are no additives in our B-COMPLETE™ products.  The product is 100% whole dried green bananas which have been processed and milled into a muesli consistency.

    B-COMPLETE™ include the skins, the pulp, the stems and even the flower ends, all full of nutritious and beneficial vitamins and compounds. Most of the beneficial polyphenols, flavonoids are located in the peel, which is why they are an important part of B-COMPLETE™.

    Naturally occurring nutrients: Vitamins A, C, E, B1, B2, B6, Niacin, Polyphenols-Flavonoids, Phenolic acids, Carotenoids - Lycopene, Beta Carotene. 

    Digestible Energy: 1.7 Mcals/lb
    Protein: 5.0%
    Fat: 1.6%
    Total Starch 66.5% of which 58.7% is Resistant starch 
    Digestible Starch: 2.18%
    Free Sugars: 2.8%
    Calcium: 1200 ppm
    Phosphorus: 870 ppm
    Potassium: 22800 ppm
    Sodium: 41 ppm
    Sulfur: 357 pm
    Magnesium 1080 ppm
    Copper: 9.6 ppm
    Iron: 3.5 ppm
    Zinc: 13.4 ppm
    Manganese: 16.5 ppm



    Keep products at room temperature, and ensure to replace the pail lid after use to avoid moisture absorption.

    For the Canine pouch, ensure that the pouch is resealed, using the built in reusable seal, to avoid moisture absorption.


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