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All Nibble Net styles shown here are double-sided (openings on both sides) and available in black color only. Dimensions and opening sizes vary by model. Note: The Nibble Plenty (Small Bale Net) is only available with 1.5 inch openings. Looking for a solid-back option? See the Nibble Net - Solid Back.

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Why Choose Nibble Nets?

THE NIBBLENET is a revolutionary hay bag. The unique design and high quality construction make this the ideal way to feed hay to your horses. The 2", 1.5" or 1.25" openings in the front of the bag allow the horse to "graze" for his hay in a much more natural way. Instead of gulping down big mouthfuls, he has to work for the hay, one bite at a time. This slows him down, which is much healthier for his digestion, and keeps him busy much longer. The design of THE NIBBLENET is such that there is also much less waste of hay.

These are excellent for horses with feed related health issues, like laminitis and obesity. Perfect for horses that don't have a lot of turn out time like show and race horses. Ideal for traveling and trailering.

The quality of construction and heavy duty outdoor materials makes THE NIBBLENET a superior product. The manufacturer is so confident in the quality of this hay bag that they offer a limited warranty against defects in materials or workmanship. You will notice that the webbing is also on the bottom of the bag. We have designed The NibbleNet ® this way so the dusty chaff can fall through the bottom away from the horse. This feature is also wonderful for those that wish to soak their hay. The entire NibbleNet ® can be submerged in a muck bucket full of water or you can just squirt the hay inside The NibbleNet ® with a hose.

All NibbleNets come with at least two sets of D-rings on the top. The top strap with the snap hooks clip the bag closed. Horses are not able to get the hay out from the top.

All NibbleNets come with D-rings on the bottom corners (except The Picnic XL) and are available with an optional bottom strap.

Available Double-Sided Styles

  • Picnic XL -- Extremely versatile! Holds about 6 pounds of hay (a couple of flakes). Dimensions: 19" tall X 24" wide X 6" deep. Comes with 5-sets of D-rings to close the top, 2 D-rings on the bottom, and three (3) 24" straps. Heavy duty 40 ounces vinyl on ends (double stitched). Black only Available in two openings sizes: 1.5 inch or 1.25 inch. Perfect in round pens, inside and outside the trailer, or anywhere you want to hang it!
  • Double-Nibble "Slow-N-Slower" - SuPer Heavy Duty Bag. Recommended for use in round pen corral panels and high stress areas. Comes in 6" and 12" wide sizes. Dimensions: 30" X 22" X 8" or 12". 8" holds 15-18 lbs of hay; 12" holds 20-25 lbs of hay. Includes four (4) sets of D-Rings (all stainless steel) and three (3) straps. Comes in black only. Each bag has two different opening sizes. Choose from [2" & 1.5"] openings, or [1.5" & 1.25"] openings. You can tie down the bottom and determine which side you want your horse to use. You can even start off with the larger openings and then graduate to the smaller ones. Or leave the bottom unsecured and let your horse decide which side he likes best! 
  • Double-Nibble Ground Feeder -- Has webbing on both sides, so either side can be used. Water easily drains out, when soaking hay. Comes in 6" and 12" wide sizes. Dimensions: 30" X 22" X 6" or 12". Choose from three size openings: 2 inch, 1.5 inch, or 1.25 inch. Includes four (4) sets of D-Rings (all stainless steel) on the top and two (2) D-Rings on the bottom. Comes with six (6) double-ended snap hooks and six (6) stainless steel pad eyes. Can me mounted to a stall mat, wood pallets, or inside a trough or wood box. Or, it can also be filled with hay, the top closed, and thrown into the pasture without securing it to anything. Do not feed on the ground if your horse is shod. A better solution would be to secure it inside a trough or wood box. 
  • The Nibble Plenty (Small Bale Net) - Holds a 2-Strand 50 pound Bale. Holds 50 pounds of hay, bale measuring 40 X 20 X 15. Dimensions: 46" X 31" X 9". Comes with 20 D-Rings and 5 Hanging Straps Easy to hang on fence or place on ground. If placed on ground, it is best if your horse is not shod. Place entire small bale inside, then cut twine. All stainless steel D-rings. Available in 1.5" openings only.

Cleaning Instructions

  • Make sure all hay is removed from the bag.
  • We recommend soaking the entire bag in a muck bucket full of soapy water for at least an hour. A capful of Lysol works well.
  • Scrub the bag with a brush to remove all dirt, horse hair and hay. Pay special attention to the webbing.
  • Rinse thoroughly and hang to dry in the sun.

Periodically cleaning your NibbleNet ® will extend its life since dirt and sand can wear down the fibers. Allow the NibbleNet ® to dry thoroughly whenever possible to reduce odors.

Shipping Information

* NibbleNets are shipped via USPS within 4 days of your order. Free shipping is only available within the continental U.S. Additional shipping charges will apply to Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, and all international locations. Please email or call 940-272-0001 for exact shipping charges prior to ordering.

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