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CurOst EQ I.S.C.W. directly impacts sugar metabolism, insulin function, ketone generation, and circulation with one Warming formula!  Identical formula to the EQ I.S., targeting the metabolic horse and insulin function, but with added circulatory support in a warming formula! Ideal for the metabolic horse that is cold intolerant and experiences foot discomfort during colder times of the year.  Five herbal extracts with proven research supported capabilities!

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Cur-OST EQ I.S.C.W. is identical in the base formula as our EQ I.S. but with added circulatory benefits.

It is designed to target and benefit the metabolic horse, whether if they are at an early or later stage in their condition.  Cur-OST EQ I.S.C.W. is a blend of four proven and research supported herbs to target glucose metabolism, insulin function, and impact circulation which are all directly related to metabolism and interconnected with the process of inflammation.  This added benefit of impacting the circulation in the metabolic horse can directly improve foot comfort and overall laminar and hoof wall health.

The Cur-OST EQ I.S.C.W. is a Warming formula to support insulin function, digestion, and circulation in the metabolic horse.  This formula is ideal for those metabolic horses that are more cold-intolerant and experience foot related pain that is worse during the colder times of the year

For those metabolic horses that experience heat-intolerance and foot pain in the hotter times of the year, we recommend our Cur-OST EQ I.S.C.C.. formula.

Proven Cur-OST EQ I.S.C.W. Herbal Blend:

  • Gymnema sylvestre  25% Extract
  • Banaba leaf 1% Extract
  • Gynostemma 10% Extract (Jiao Gu Lan)
  • Hawthorn Berry 4:1 Extract
  • Hawthorn Leaf 1.8% Extract

Clinically supported to help balance glucose levels, before and after eating, and steadily increase ketone levels which then assist to reduce insulin.  Hawthorn leaf and berry are both well known and researched herbs which directly impacts circulation and cardiac function, by improving blood flow and balancing inflammation. All five herbs also impact the process of inflammation in the horse, thereby benefitting the entire horse from joints to feet along with body condition.  Directly improves cellular function.

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  • Three containers - 168 servings  $199.95

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